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Bravado Designs was founded in 1992 by two mothers searching for more fashionable and functional nursing bras.  From the humble beginnings of a Canadian home-based business, Bravado Designs has grown into a respected supplier and innovator of quality nursing bras, underwear and accessories.

The Bravado Designs product line has grown from the original leopard-print nursing bra prototype to include:  nursing bras, non-nursing bras, maternity briefs, bikini panties, thong panties and breast pads. 

The Original Nursing Bra created by Bravado Designs includes three different bra styles, each with unique features having been designed by Bravado Designs to support differing, and often changing breast shapes and sizes.  The Basic Style, Plus Style and Double Plus Style offer varying degrees of support.

Bravado Designs’ Original Nursing Bra/Basic Style offers seamless cups and light to moderate support.  Ideal for smaller/lighter-breasted women, this Bravado Design, like all others in this category, comes in a variety of colors and prints, including polka dot and leopard.

For women requiring more support for larger/heavier breasts, Bravado Designs offers the Original Nursing Bra/Plus Style.  Extra-support features unique to this Bravado Designs bra are a seam in cup that runs to the side of the nipple and a double fabric side panel in the cup.

Bravado Designs’ Original Nursing Bra/Double Plus style is designed for maximum support and coverage.  Bravado Designs has created several features that are unique to this bra to provide maximum coverage and comfort – especially at nighttime.  This Bravado Designs bra features include a solid front style for even weight distribution and maximum support.  The wide shoulder straps are non-binding and offer extra comfort for mom’s shoulders and back.  Seam in cup runs to the side of the nipple, providing maximum side support.  Bravado Designs’ two snap closure system ensures the bra stays put.

Bravado Designs offers all of these bras in a 92% cotton/8% spandex blend fabric with cups that drop complete away from the breast, providing easy nursing for both mom and baby.  Bravado Designs included adjustable shoulder straps allow for comfort adjustments and the sports bra-styled back provides upper-middle back support. Bravado Designs also ensures even weight distribution and under-breast support with wide under elastic that won’t ride up or slip.


Bravado Designs created the Supreme Nursing Bra as an answer to Mom’s who needed support for fuller-breasts.  None of the Bravado Designs line contains underwire, but the Supreme Nursing Bra provides underwire support without the constriction and increased risk of mastitis or clogged milk ducts.  Bravado Designs includes the following features on this bra: Wide cushioned straps, soft cups, key-hole detail that provides easy access for feeding, back band closure with adjusting rows of hooks for security.  Bravado Designs offers this style in butterscotch, licorice black and vanilla white.

For their innovative efforts, this style earned Bravado Designs the Winner of FitPregnancy’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best Products of the Year 2005.

In addition to their bra line, Bravado Designs offers 3 styles of panties. These include: maternity briefs, bikini panties and thong panties.   Bravado Designs’ Original Bikini Brief can be worn over the tummy for extra support or folded down under the tummy when extra support is not needed.  It features no seams or elastic across the tummy and a wide seat helps the brief stay put.  The Original Bikini Brief by Bravado Designs is available in colors that coordinate with the Bravado Designs nursing bras. 

The Original Bikini is a bikini panty that Bravado Designs created for both pre and post- partum mothers. The Original bikini offers a stylish alternative to traditional maternity briefs and is ideal for wear with low-rise fashions.  This style is available in many colors and patterns that coordinate with the Bravado Designs nursing bras.

The Original Thong is another Bravado Design offering style and comfort.   Tummy support that still provides a smooth, no-panty line look is offered in the Original Thong.

Bravado Designs has branched out from maternity and nursing apparel into the nursing accessories market with newly-designed nursing pads that feature four layers and a terry cloth pad for extra absorbency.   These Bravado Designs nursing pads are so unique that there is currently a patent pending.

The Bravado Designs Original Bikini Brief is great because it can be worn over the tummy or it can be folded over when I wear low-rise jeans.  You can wear them while pregnant or afterwards while you are still getting back into shape – Dublin, OH

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