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To many people the words “Medela” and “Nursing” are synonymous. The Swiss company Medela was founded in 1961 in Zug, Switzerland by Olle Larsson.  Known for their quality, Medela nursing bras and other Medela nursing accessories began being marketed in the United States over twenty years ago. Medela nursing bras are known for their quality, comfort and style.  In addition to the products themselves, Medela has created supportive programs for nursing mothers, including being the first manufacturer in the United States to develop a workplace program to meet the needs of working mothers.  Medela nursing bras are a favorite among nursing mothers who value practically, comfort and style.

The Medela nursing bra line includes Comfort Bras which are made from a seamless soft fabric that is intended for day and nighttime wear.  These Medela nursing bras are the only soft bra available that features the one-hand drop cup release for nursing ease. For the fashion-conscience, matching briefs are also available for the Medela comfort bra line.   Bra pads can be worn with these Medela nursing bras and the soft fabric provides light support and prevents binding and chafing which can lead not only to discomfort but clogged milk ducts or infections, as well.  These design advances are trademarks of Medela nursing bras.

Medela nursing bras now include a line of Seamless Nursing Bras.  These Medela nursing bras are ideal for providing a smooth silhouette under a t-shirt or blouse.   Medela nursing bras have taken a chic, yet practical step forward with this style of nursing bra. A lacy pattern is molded directly into the stretch cup of these Medela nursing bras, making mom feel feminine, yet providing flexibility, comfort and support for changes in breast size. This line of seamless Medela nursing bras also includes a specially designed two-piece cup featuring a unique one-hand outer cup release that opens easily making it a Medela nursing bras design appreciated by mother and baby.   The Medela nursing bras that offer seamless support are available in soft cup or underwire styles.  For mothers who pump breast milk, both of these types of Medela nursing bras, as well as all other Medela nursing bras, work with the Medela Pumping Free™ Attachment Kit for hands-free pumping.  These Medela nursing bras provide extra support with non-stretch straps and secure 3 to 4 hook closures.  These seamless Medela nursing bras are available in white, black or nude.  Underwire, for added support is also available in these Medela nursing bras.

Medela nursing bras have also taken into account mothers who require extra support.  A new entry into the line of Medela nursing bras is the Full Fit Seamless Bra.  This bra introduces an exclusive new feature making Medela nursing bras truly unique.  Medela nursing bras offer the exclusive SideLift™ panel for added support and cushioned straps for extra comfort. 

This line of Medela nursing bras is designed to fit full cup sizes in F, G & H.  These Medela nursing bras are only available with underwire with color selections including white and nude.

In addition to innovations, Medela nursing bras include the classic, tried and true styles that nursing mothers have found comfortable and practical for years.  These styles offered in the Medela nursing bras line include the Classic Bra and the Extended Size Classic Bra.  The Classic Bra, designed with an eye to the reputation of comfort provided by Medela nursing bras, is constructed from cotton and a cotton- Lycra® blend that provides comfort, support and flexibility. The Extended Size Classic bra is a bra offered by Medela nursing bras that takes into account moms who require additional support.  The lower panel in the cup has a special SoftLift™ foundation.  These Medela nursing bras were designed to offer support and a great fit without binding.  Both of these Medela nursing bras are available in softcup and underwire styles.
Medela nursing bras are a popular choice for many working moms.  However, Medela nursing bras offer options that are particularly helpful to moms who pump breast milk.  Since all Medela nursing bras work with the work with the Medela Pumping Free™ Attachment Kit for hands-free pumping, these nursing bras rate highly with mothers who have their hands full with baby, other children or office tasks.
I recommend the Medela nursing bras to all of my clients who are working Moms.  All of the Medela nursing bras offer features that give easy access when pumping at work or traveling.  The Medela nursing bras offer a lot of selection and features that my clients appreciate.  I know they are well-made and I know I’m helping a mom when I recommend Medela nursing bras. – Dawne Wilson, Lactation Consultant

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