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Melinda Gros, the designer and manufacturer of Melinda G ™ maternity and nursing bras, panties, nightgowns and loungewear has created a line of maternity and nursing bras  that meet the many needs of today’s expectant and nursing mothers. 

The Melinda G ™ designs for nursing bras take into account form, function and style.
Many new nursing mothers want nursing convenience, but they want to hold onto their own personal style.  Melinda G ™ nursing bras meet these desires through a variety of maternity and nursing bra styles.  The Melinda G ™ nursing bra line’s slogan is “Beautiful nursing bras for beautiful moms” and the Melinda G ™ line includes a variety of bras, including nursing sports bras, designed for all types of nursing mothers.

Melinda G ™ offers a front-snap soft-cup nursing bras that provide easy, one-handed snap openings that provide accessibility for easy nursing. Melinda G ™ offers a wide range of sizes from 34B-42D.   A unique bra offered by Melinda G ™ is the nursing sports bra which provides excellent support while being non-compressive despite the seamless double thick cups.  The Melinda G ™ sports bra which is made from 80% pima cotton and 20% lycra®, along with the unique design, allows a mother to feel comfortable while exercising without the worry of applying too much pressure to milk ducts which can decrease milk supply.  A tee-shirt soft-cup nursing bra designed by Melinda G ™  provides a wire-like soft shaped supportive seaming under the breasts providing a seamless silhouette preferred by many stylish nursing mothers.  A unique entry in the Melinda G ™ nursing bra line is the tee-shirt soft-cup cami.  Melinda G ™ designed this nursing bra as a camisole, providing all the features of the regular Melinda G ™  tee-shirt soft cup nursing bra, but with added tummy support. The camisole, which is made with 17%  lycra® adds support for pre and post-partum moms. 

For nursing moms seeking additional support, Melinda G ™ has designed underwire nursing bras, as well.  The all-lace underwire and tee-shirt nursing bras offer the same convenient access as the Melinda G ™ soft-cup nursing bras, but provide more support.

Since nursing bra opening methods are often a question of personal preference, Melinda G ™ nursing bra styles offer front-snaps, front-clips and hooks and eyes. Many prefer front-snaps under button-front shirts while some prefer hooks and eyes on the cups, allowing cup adjustments after nursing.  It is recommended that nursing moms try on a variety of styles to see which fits best.


Melinda G ™ offers a wide range of nursing bra sizes, but her labeling of sizes is a bit unique.  Instead of the standard sizing measurements of Small, Medium or Large, Melinda G ™, acknowledging the changes in a nursing mom’s body, labels all bras as small, medium, large, voluptuous and va-va-va-voom. 

The Melinda G ™ nursing camisole is great for layering.  It gives support, you can wear a comfortable shirt over it and it makes nursing easy -  Jan W., Powell, Ohio

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