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Breastfeeding in Public and the benefit of nursing bras

Although the World Health Organization recommends that all mothers be encouraged to breastfeed, nursing in public may cause both the mother and others present to be uncomfortable.   However, with the introduction of nursing or maternity bras and other nursing garments, mothers are able to nurse their children in public, with little cause for embarrassment, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Nursing or maternity bras were the first undergarments to be specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers.  Made in a variety of styles and fabrics, all have cups which fold down to allow easy access for breastfeeding while still providing comfort and support for the nursing mother.  These bras were a first in offering breast feeding moms such convenience.  Innovations in other nursing garments have followed. With the advent of nursing tops and nursing tank tops, mothers can continue to feed their children, even when they are on the go.

Nursing tank tops are a popular choice for mothers as they can be worn under a shirt or sweater, providing a fashionable look while still being practical.  Nursing tank tops are perfect for layering and may offer a built-in nursing bra for extra support and comfort.  Serving a dual purpose, nursing tank tops can provide extra support for prenatal breasts and tummies and then be used as a post-partum nursing garment.   While practicality and functionality are important, nursing moms want to look and feel good, so fashion is still a priority.  Some nursing tank tops may offer a shelf bra or pockets specially designed to hold breast pads in place. Breast pads will provide a sleek, no-bra look while still protecting against accidental breast milk leakage.  

Another practical choice for nursing moms is the nursing top.  These are available in an array of styles, colors and fabrics and offer great versatility, style and simplicity. One thing that all nursing tops have in common is that they allow for ease of nursing while providing as much coverage as is desired, thus making a mother more relaxed and less self-conscious when nursing in public.   Nursing tops are available at a wide range of discount chains, retail outlets, specialty stores and online merchants.  Price ranges run the gambit from the inexpensive tee to the pricey designer tunic.   Fashion-conscious moms can find nursing tops in a multitude of styles including sweatshirts, turtlenecks, tees and twin sets.  Even more options will become available as popular retailers such as Gap and Old Navy join the ranks of established maternity clothiers such as Pea-in-the-Pod and Motherhood. 

While it is up to a nursing mother to find her comfort level nursing in public or around other people, modesty is respected with nursing bras, nursing tops and tank tops.  These garments may make a nursing mother feel comfortable with their style and practicality.  However, they offer a bigger reward in that they are able to reduce anxiety about nursing in public.  The maternal bond is strengthened through breastfeeding and with the wide variety of nursing garments available, that bond can be strengthened anywhere.


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