Stylish, comftarable, practical, innovative nursing bras and maternity clothes that
show off your style and nothing else!
Motherwear Nursing Bras Essentials
Make Breastfeeding Easy and Discreet!



"I LOVE your nursing bra tanks. They are the best thing that
ever happened to breastfeeding women. I wear them to bed and
during the day; I now have 5 of your nursing bra s! Thanks,"
— Pamela P., New York

"I have found the greatest nursing bras on the planet! Before this,
I went shopping around EVERYWHERE and could not find the nursing
bra I wanted. Either the bras were so chic that they didn't really serve a
purpose… or so frumpy that I just couldn't. I had purchased and
returned a nursing bra 6 times. What a nightmare! I found this website
and my prayers have been answered. This sassy little nursing bra
comes with a tank top that remains in place and easy flaps that come down.
They are soft, comfortable cotton and they wash well and hold their shape."
—Michelle H., Washington

“I just received the nursing bra top today and it’s just what I’ve been waiting for.
I was afraid breastfeeding would be impossible and embarrassing. Not true
with this awesome nursing bra. I can believe I would ever call a nursing bra awesome.
I am definitely going to order the nursing bra tank in the fun spring colors!
—Lisa, New Jersey

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