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When shuold I buy a Nursing Bra

You may no longer feel comfortable in the fit of your pre-pregnancy bras,
but you should only consider buying a nursing bra only in the third
trimester of your pregnancy. Your breasts should stabilize by the
6th to 8th month of your pregnancy. We do not recommend waiting
until your baby is born to buy your first nursing bra.

Immediately after birth, your breasts will most likely surge in size.
Establishing a regular feeding schedule will balance the supply of
milk in your breasts. This takes about 2 weeks time. Your breasts should
re-stabilize to about one cup size larger than your pre-birth or maternity bra size.
You will again be able to wear your the nursing bras you have purchased
for breastfeeding comfortably.

If you do order nursing bras after the birth of your baby, our general
recommendation is to buy a nursing bra one cup size larger from the current
size you are wearing. However, every woman's body is different.
This is only a guideline.

Not sure how to choose the right nursing bra?


Nursing bras fall generally into 3 catergories: Sleep & leisure nursing bras,
Moderate support nursing bras, and Maximum support and underwire
nursing bras. Each type nursing bra has its own merits.
See our comparision chart to find how each nursing bra works:

Sleep & leisure
nursing bras
Moderate support nursing bras Maximum support nursing bras

For moms who prefer nursing bras with light support.

Maximum stretch

Flexible for changing breast size

100% Cotton and Cotton Blends which offer more support

For moms who prefer nursing bras without
an underwire.

Easy to fit

Good option for sensitive breasts

100% Cotton and Cotton Blends which offer more support

For moms who prefer nursing bras with maximum support & wider shoulder straps.

Very little flexibility

No stretch straps

Some have underwires

Generally blended fabric; Microfiber, Lycra, Polyester, Nylon, and others


Sleep & leisure
nursing bras
Moderate support nursing bras
Maximum support nursing bras use:

Every woman while sleeping

Everyday wear

Women with sensitive breasts

Very active women

Heavier breasted women size D and larger


Sleep & leisure
Nursing Bras Feature:
Moderate support
Nursing Bras Feature:
Maximum support
Nursing Bras Feature:

Soft, fabric cups unseamed or darted

No underwire

Supportive nursing bra shelf. No inner liner

Pull back or up breast access

Wide shoulder support

No clasp

Usually have seamless nursing bra cups

No underwire

Triangle inner support system

Stretchy elastic straps

One handed nursing bra release clasp

Usually have seamed nursing bra cups


L-shaped or triangle inner support system
under a releasable nursing bra cup

No stretch straps

Nursing bra release clasp sometimes one handed

Nursing Bras Leisure
Nursing Bras Moderate
Nursing Bras Max
Usually does not support nursing bra pad usage Holds nursing bra pad in place Holds nursing bra pad securely in place

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